2017 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

2017 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

The Art of the Possible

Four Squares

August 3-5 in Denver, CO

The program of events follows.  When available, a copy of the presentation and/or presentation materials is accessible by clicking on the underlined item(s). Video links are also available for download by clicking on the underlined item.

THURSDAY, August 3: Behavioral Health Technology Summit

The Compliancy Group: The Value of HIPAA Compliance
David Kay, MS

Handout:  HIPAA Compliance Checklist

The Key Components of Measuring and Reporting Outcomes 
David Lloyd

A Tailor’s Approach to Open Access:  How to Achieve the Right Fit
Joy Fruth, MSW

myStrengthTM: An Example of the Future of Health Care Technology
Scott Cousino, MBA

Handout: myStrengthTM White Paper

Video Link: https://we.tl/rYUyE629Wq 

Telepsychiatry:  A Successful Marriage of Technology and Treatment
Liberty A. Eberly, DO
Jon Evans

Video Link: https://we.tl/tpfCsE56pz 

FRIDAY, August 4

State of the Samaritan Institute
Robert P. Johnson, LCSW                                         

Social Innovation Overview, Parts One and Two
Jeff Snell, PhD

Handout:  Blank Canvas

SATURDAY, August 5

SERT Groups: Relational training for spirituality in psychotherapy
George Stavros, PhD                       

Jeff Snell, PhD: “Social Innovation: Additional Resources”


Samaritan Interfaith is now SamaraCare: Branding Efforts of a Samaritan Center
Rev. Scott Mitchell, PsyD

Handout:  Reasons Organizations Rebrand

Outcomes Informed Care
Tracy Siebers, EdD, LPC
Rosangela Bacciotti Berbert, MSE, NCC, LPC

Healthcare Landscape Update
Scott Smith, MD