2016 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

2016 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

The Relational Context of Care

Four Squares

August 4-6 in Denver, CO

The program of events follows.  When available, a copy of the presentation and/or presentation materials is accessible by clicking on the underlined item(s). Video links are also available for download by clicking on the underlined item.

THURSDAY, August 4

New Directors’ Orientation

TeleMental Health Best Practices:
Dos and Don’ts for Building an Evidence Based, Legal, and Ethical Telepractice in the 21st Century
Marlene M. Maheu, PhD

FRIDAY, August 5

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Presentation
Victoria Aguilar, Esq.

Preparing for the Millennial Tsunami
Evan Abbott, MA

Handout: Generations 2.0: Rebooting Generations in the Workplace

Relational Spirituality (Both Part One and Two)
Steven J. Sandage, PhD
George Stavros, PhD

Video Link, Part One: https://we.tl/fohTOmOD47

Video Link, Part Two: https://we.tl/iCpteQQW6A

Handout: Couple Therapy Case

Handout: Relational Spirituality References

Administrative Hospitality—The Relational Ecology of Psychotherapy
Lauren E. Kehoe, MA
Steven J. Sandage, PhD

State of the Samaritan Ministry: President/CEO First Six Months Work Plan
Robert Johnson, LCSW

SATURDAY, August 6

Everything You Need to Know About the ACA … But Were Afraid to Ask
Paul Bretz, DMin
Steve Scoggin, PsyD

2016 Samaritan Institute Accreditation Standards Overview
Nancy Blaich, LCSW
Paul Bretz, DMin

Handout: 2016 Samaritan Institute Accreditation Standards with Sample Policies

A Training Model for Relational Spirituality—SERT
(Spirituality, Existentialism, Religion, and Theology/Philosophy)
David Rupert, PsyD
Nancy Devor, PhD

Video Link: https://we.tl/iHhxKTZMLO

Relational and Relevant Psychotherapy: Transgender Identities
and Stigma in Mental Health at the Intersection of Minority Stress and Resilience
Ruben Hopwood, PhD

Video Link: https://we.tl/JzvoroSJCg  

Handout: Terminology and Transgender Spectrum Resources Ruben Hopwood © 2016