2014 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

2014 Samaritan Annual Conference Materials

Spiritual Integration:
Hope Anchors the Soul

July 31 – August 2 in Denver, CO

The program of events follows.  When available, a copy of the presentation and/or presentation materials is accessible by clicking on the underlined item(s).


Clergy and Congregation Program Enrichment


Current Boundaries Work
David C. Olsen, PhD,  Presenter

Safe Church: Igniting an Ecumenical Movement to End Child Sexual Abuse
Linda Crockett,  Presenter
PowerPoint Presentation
Packet of Materials

FRIDAY, August 1


Dying for Want of a Friend: Suicide Awareness and
Prevention in Congregations
J. Russell Crabtree, MDiv,  Presenter

Good Samaritans, Bad Samaritans, and the Trauma of Disasters
Rev. David L. Myers,  Presenter


Introduction to SIT Curriculum,
Kelly Arora, PhD, Presenter

Developing a Training Program and Best Practices Panel,
Rev. J. Mark Killmer, PsyD, Aaron Pawelek, LCSW,
and Douglas B. Stephens, EdD, Presenters

Opening Worship:

“I Shall Not Want” – Rev. Ron King, PhD, Preacher


Our Mutual Ministry – Future Considerations
The Rev. Bob Leivers, DMin, and Jim Mack, Chair,
Samaritan Institute Board of Directors, Presenters

SATURDAY, August 2


Motivational Interviewing as a Way of Being
William R. Miller, PhD, Presenter

Quantum Change: When Epiphanies and Sudden Insights
Transform Ordinary Lives
William R. Miller, PhD, Presenter


CARF Accreditation Information Session
Michael W. Johnson, MA, Presenter

Health Care Reform Progress Report,
Jess Jamieson, PhD, Presenter