The Samaritan Institute’s mission is to help affiliated Centers provide team-oriented, cost-efficient counseling, education, and consultation which emphasize the interrelatedness of mind, body, spirit, and community.

Samaritan History

The Samaritan program began in Elkhart, Indiana in 1972 when a physician, two parish pastors, and a seminary professor observed that by working together, ministers, therapists, and physicians were very effective in helping people with stress-related problems. This team approach became the foundation of the Samaritan program. Samaritan counselors believe that there is a close relationship of mind, body, spirit, and community, and that optimal health care involves consideration of all four.

Today, the Samaritan program is one of the largest providers of professional counseling. There are 481 Samaritan Center offices in 389 cities in the United States and Japan. This growth has been in direct response to the needs of congregations and communities as they realize the emotional and physical costs of stress. It is also a tribute to the thousands of people who have realized the importance of having a local Center and who have made the Center a reality through faith and hard work.

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