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Open Minds: Telehealth Is Remaking More Than Therapy

    Monica E. Oss I think telehealth services will be a major disruptor of the health and human service system—online therapy, remote consultations, virtual follow-up groups, and more (see Employer Health Plans Pushing Telehealth Adoption One Step Closer To ‘Ubiquity’ and The … Continue reading

Jean Block Consulting: Top 10 Ideas for a More Profitable Year End Donor Campaign

Getting the envelope opened – 3 things Size and shape matters! Try something unusual – not a #10 business envelop and NOT a window envelope (looks like a bill). Color might make a difference. Slant a call-to-action message, or print … Continue reading

VA removes red tape to increase access to care

By David J. Shulkin / Imagine the day that you can see your medical provider from anywhere in the country, including from the comfort of your own home. You wouldn’t have to take a full day off of work, … Continue reading

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